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What beautiful weather!  Now is the time to enjoy the outdoors and get some flowers planted for the winter months. Not sure what to plant? Here are my top five best winter flowers for Florida gardens:



Large balls of flowers held high make this one of the most catching of our best winter flowers. These are easy to see from a distance, so areas like the mailbox or front yard are great places to plant. Plant geraniums now and they will last well into May.


Sweet Alyssum:

These flowers will fill the air with their soft, sweet fragrance. Reaching just 6” tall, alyssum work great in containers or in the front of a flower bed. Although flowers are small, about the size of a pencil eraser, there are so many it will look like a patch of white.

alyssum, best winter flowers for florida

Ornamental Cabbages and Kales:

Not just for the veggie garden, these colorful plants get brighter as the temperatures drop. Ornamental cabbages are easy and inexpensive to buy small, I like to shop for the 9- or 12-packs, and take very little extra care.  By January, the purples, pinks and whites will be very vibrant and fill the garden with color.

ornamental cabbage 'Pigeon victoria pink'


The smaller version of a pansy, these small plants come in every color of the rainbow. They make this list of best winter flowers because they do not need to be covered in cold weather and will flower until May. I like to plant violas in large groups of 9 or more plants where they can grow into one big group of flowers. They also do great in containers and mix well with herbs.

Viola 'Sorbet Morpho XP' PanAmerica


Bacopa is one of those plants that is more expensive, but worth every penny. The trailing habit makes this plant a perfect addition to containers and hanging baskets. Each flower is about the size of a dime and they come in both white and purple (there is a pink too, but its really hard to find).

Bacopa 'Bahia Blue Sand'

The first week is the most important time for these new plants. Keep them well watered after planting to help the roots grow into the new soil. As temperatures cool, less water will be needed to keep these flowers in bloom. While there are many choices, this list of best winter flowers will be a great start.

If you are looking for other ideas, this Pinterest board has lots of photos of the best winter flowers for Southern gardens.

Cabbage 'Osaka Red' best winter flowers

The hardest part during this time of year is planting the right plants. It is common to find the “wrong” out of season plants still being offered for sale, but selecting plants that thrive in cooler temperatures will make your life easier—and your garden more beautiful!

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