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Imagine the surprise in my eyes when, while trying to follow a map to the next garden on our tour, I looked up to see these unusual trees! Like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, these “trees” were sprawling and climbing across the front yard of a historical two story home.  This just shows how the citizens of Buffalo, New York are so passionate about their gardens (learn more about their showcase at https://gardensbuffaloniagara.com/events/garden-walk-buffalo/)


What could these strange forms possible be?  While not part of the garden tour, it should come as no surprise that a group of us started exploring these unusual features. The surrounding garden was packed full of flowering bulbs and perennials, so I hope that the owner appreciated our interest in this unique garden.

Closer inspection showed that these appear to be mulberry trees that have been very carefully pruned and groomed to show these shapes. In the large sprawling form in the first photo there may be other vines wrapped in to create the fullness and show off the forms. Wow. A mulberry tree!  I was always told that these were “ditch trees” and here someone has very lovingly formed them into whimsical masterpieces.

I don’t know the technical term for this type of pruning. Would you consider these a topiary?  Just look at how the tree below has been trained to wrap around the post on the corner of the deck, kind of like it is giving it a hug. So cool!  To the mystery gardener who has created these beautiful trees, I congratulate you for your patience and vision. Wonderful!

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