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pumpkins2If you read the last post I wrote you saw the fun process of putting together a cheap and easy fall container. I was really happy with it but I felt like it was missing a little gusto.  My trip to the grocery store got me thinking when I saw a huge bin of little pumpkins.  I tried just setting them in the container but the container was really full and it just looked like I had, well, set pumpkins in without much thought.


pumpkins5My supplies for this project were about as simple as you can get: bamboo sticks and Gorilla Glue.  I propped them up against our porch and simply added a few drops of glue to the bases. I had to support them for a while as the glue dried and then try to keep the dogs away from them too.  This was definitely the hardest part!



pumpkins3When it came to “planting” the pumpkins I tried to conceal the stakes by tucking them behind the already present plants.  I think that when I do this again I will make sure to use as thin of stakes as possible. These certainly worked out though.

Below you can see the before and after with the pumpkins added to the container.  As the mums continue to bloom the entire container is looking even more beautiful.  Not too bad for some $1.00 pumpkins and a few pieces of bamboo.  What do you think?




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