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We all want our gardens to be enriched and full of vitality. However, this takes time and effort. Our gardens need to be maintained and our plants must be cared for accordingly. The ways in which we can do this may vary. Inside the earth there are countless small creatures and above it roam the larger animals we see. Worms that live in the soil help us nourish it. Beetles will devour harmful aphids, butterflies will add beauty and charm, and bees will fertilize and turn the flowers on the fruit trees into sweet fruits. Without them we would have a desert instead of a garden. Once we attract the wildlife and insects, we can start to begin to see a major shift in how our garden looks and feels. 

Patch of Heaven Gardens

You don’t have to spend a fortune! 

To get started, you do not have to spend a lot of money. Seeds are not that expensive at all. Go to your local nursery to buy some seedlings of vegetables, flowers and fruit trees for the garden. With time and experience you learn that you do not have to buy too much and the good things in the garden, as in life, do not cost money. Instead of buying new, you can grow cuttings from branches from other parts of the garden, cultivate a compost pile, and roam the woodland where there is an abundance of organic matter. Beginner gardeners are not sufficiently aware of the importance of materials to assist in the plant’s growth. This takes time to learn but you can generously spread leaves, straw, grass pruning or any other organic material found to help fertilise the growing plants.  

Add a little vibrancy to the walls too. There are a lot of plants that crawl or creep up walls when you attach them to mesh or wooden slats. This can look attractive against walls and add charm, the way that art work does to our bare walls inside. With wall hanging planters, you can make this a reality and have all the amazing colourful plants that you want growing in abundance. 

orchid green wall construction

Let there be light! 

Sometimes we want to highlight our gardens, even after dark. Whether that’s for entertainment reasons or aesthetic reasons, we must be prepared. Garden lighting is a matter that needs to be planned in advance along with the electrical design in the home. Those who have not yet experienced proper illumination of the garden will be surprised how many cables have to be moved underground in order to ensure proper illumination. Of course you can use solar powered lights but these often fade after a while, and if you do not have adequate sunlight, they will not turn on at dusk. Garden lighting design is coordinated with the vegetation in the garden and the way you want to illuminate it. It is advisable and advisable to avoid backlighting of trees or boulders to move unpleasant shadows. Make use of aromatic candles that spread pleasant lighting and aromas that repel any unwanted critters.

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