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Whether you’ve recently moved into a completely new house or your old method of mowing the lawn has become slow and outdated, getting yourself a new lawnmower is never a bad idea, especially if you’ve invested into your garden and want to level up your knowledge and skills a bit. Unfortunately, buying a lawnmower can be quite difficult because there’s a lot to learn, there are many different price points and several different lawnmowers that are all capable of giving you a clean and tidied lawn.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at 8 useful tips to help you pick the right lawnmower for your needs.


1. Brands can help, but don’t let it fool you into paying more

Let’s face it, there are plenty of well-known lawnmower brands that it can often be difficult trying to decide which ones to buy. This is where we might choose different factors to act as the decider such as the brand. Unfortunately, the moment you start buying because of a brand is the moment you start losing money. Diminishing returns exist in the world of lawnmowers and although the extra money does go to things like accessories and better support, it’s best to look for value purchases instead of just a brand.

2. Make sure you consider the size of the lawn

The size of your lawnmower is going to have a big impact on how operational it is. Some lawnmowers are large enough to be ridden while others are tiny and have trouble cutting out large sections of grass. Buy a lawnmower that’s relative to the size of your garden if possible. As a general rule of thumb, you should be looking at a cutting width between 28 to 35 cm if you’ve got a small lawn, up to 40 cm for a medium-sized lawn and upwards of 40 cm for a large lawn. If you’re cutting very large sections of grass then a ride-on lawnmower may be the best choice.

3. Check how the lawnmower starts

There are two common ways to start a lawnmower. The typical way is to pull on a cord to start it up because it’s a petrol machine. However, there are also electric starters that are generally a little quieter albeit equally as powerful. They come at a slightly higher cost than regular petrol-run lawnmowers, but they’re much easier to start and won’t strain your arm should you need to pull it.

4. Purchase something that’s a good value, not just cheap

When purchasing a lawnmower, it’s a good idea to think about the value that you’re getting from a purchase. We already mentioned that buying from just brands usually isn’t a good idea, but if it’s a branded and popular lawnmower and people are recommending it, then purchasing it on a sale is ultimately going to be better than the “budget” full-price purchase. A high-quality lawnmower isn’t something that you need to replace very often which is why people aren’t afraid to splash a bit more cash on theirs as long as it will see some use. This is because lawnmowers can be repaired to a professional standard to fix not just small issues, but also more troubling ones such as rattling, harsh vibrations or dull blades.


5. Think about the type of grass in your garden

There are many different types of lawnmowers and they each cut different types of grass in their own efficient way. For instance, cylinder mowers aren’t great for different height levels and bumps in your garden. If you have many different types of grass in your garden then a rotary mower is generally a good idea. However, if you live on a farm or have large fields of grass to mow, then you may need an industrial solution such as a ride-on lawnmower. 

6. Only consider a ride-on lawnmower if you have a need for it

If you have the money for it or want to get a long-lasting solution, then you might think of getting a ride-on lawnmower for the extra power and size. However, as we’ve mentioned in a previous tip, it’s important to consider the size of your lawn and the grass type. One of the more compelling reasons to buy something like a ride-on is that it’s the best riding lawn mower for hills. This means that you won’t have any trouble if your lawn is huge and on multiple elevations, making the task of mowing your lawn a breeze.

7. A powerful lawnmower makes a huge difference

Let’s not forget that power equals cutting strength in a lawnmower. This ultimately means that a powerful lawnmower can provide you with a cleaner cut on the grass, resulting in a smooth and appealing lawn. This is in comparison to a lawn that looks dull, uneven and poorly-cut. It’s not a nice sight to see and you’re much better off paying a little extra for a more powerful lawnmower.

8. Picking the right fuel

Lastly, we also need to mention fuel. If petrol isn’t readily available or is a hassle, then consider another option. If you have a really big lawn then you can consider either a cordless lawnmower for convenience or an electric one if you have a very long power extension to use it. The type of fuel is surprisingly important and can even affect the price depending on the make and model.

We understand that a lawnmower is an integral part of any garden, but the different types of lawnmower and their features do matter a lot when it comes to picking out the right one. With increasing sophisticated technology making its way into gardening tools, we can expect to see more traditional gardeners looking at articles such as this to help them decide on the right tool for their needs. Unfortunately, buying a modern lawnmower can be confusing and needs professional help to understand it, so we hope that this article has helped.

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