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When we find ourselves starting to look forward to warm, sunny days and fewer cold ones we know that spring is here. Most of our plants are coming out of their dormant period, which makes this time the most suitable for setting up our garden. If we want to enjoy it this spring, we must anticipate its arrival and start preparing our green space.

These are some of the most critical tasks for preparing our garden for your enjoyment during the spring season:

· Check the state of our plants.

As a result of the cold and frost, some of our plants may not have withstood these low temperatures and perished during these winter months. Therefore, we have to check their condition, to replace them with new copies. Also, it is the perfect time to prune those tree species such as ornamental trees, fruit trees, shrubs, vines and rose bushes.

how to prunes hedges

· It is time for the transplant.

Although each plant has its most suitable time for transplantation, we have to take advantage of the fact that most of them reduce their activity during the winter months to transplant them. The perfect time is just before the beginning of spring, anticipating the birth of new shoots. With this, we will avoid depleting the nutrients they need for proper growth.

· Adapt the furniture.

As we get closer to spring, the days get longer, and the position of the sun changes. That is why it is convenient to adopt the furniture and place it in those areas with the most light. With the arrival of good weather, we will enjoy our garden even more and recover those elements that were saved to protect them from bad weather.

· Review of the facilities.

If we have to install irrigation system or other care mechanism for our garden and plants, its use may have been reduced by not needing such complete maintenance during these cold months. It is even possible that its correct operation has been altered as a result of low temperatures. For this reason, now is the perfect opportunity to get all the elements ready for next spring.

Gardening plays a crucial role in keeping it looking good and allowing this space to achieve its full potential. There are many gardens that, over time, have lost their essence and the balance of their original design. To prevent this from happening, the landscaper figure is essential since he has all the necessary knowledge to ensure the perfect conservation of our gardens.

Tea camellia flower Camellia sinensis flower

A good landscaper has to be able to attract beauty in each of his designs, and has to give the space functionality and usability that enhance the experience of its use; he must generate a balance between nature and human beings through biological species, generating sociological environments that facilitate social relations between families and must be able to create timeless spaces that can be passed from generation to generation, where time is enhanced.

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