Patio Design Tips For A Stunning Garden

Patio Design Tips For A Stunning Garden
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The patio area of our garden is always a great place to host guests and have parties. This summer in particular is always amazing for this because we get to strike up the grill and sit out in the sun with the people we love and some ice cold beers. 

If your patio area is looking a little drab and needs some life breathed back into it this year, we have some handy design ideas for you this summer.

Divide Your Space 

A great idea when you are looking to create a hosting area for the garden is to divide the patio area into a few different smaller areas. There can be a main seating area, a cooking area for the grill, and a produce area where you plant your favorite fruits and vegetables. This is an awesome way to make the most of your space and create an area of the garden which really feels like something special. 

Pay Attention To Lighting

Lighting is more important than you think outside because there may be instances where you stay out in the garden as the sun sets on a warm night. You can use a service like Andy’s Sprinkler to help install the best lighting and heaters to your patio area and this will create a cozy and warm area to enjoy even when the night draws in. 

to help install the best lighting and heaters to your patio area and this will create a cozy and warm area to enjoy even when the night draws in. 

Deck it out

A classic patio is usually made out of paving slabs and this is something which can often look clean and sleek, but can also be a little boring. If you are going for a different style and feel in your garden a great choice would be to install some decking instead. You don’t even have to spend lots and you can use old wooden pallets and varnish for a budget friendly deck. 

Choose Low-Maintenance Plants

Unlike the rest of your garden, the patio area is somewhere that won’t be filled with plants, and as such you want to choose low-maintenance plants to pot and place in your garden. You can choose shrubs such as azaleas and rhododendrons and these will provide stunning color in spring and summer but will be easy to keep tidy. 

Consider Storage

When it comes to the design of your patio, it is important for you to think of your patio more like an extension of the home rather than a part of the garden, and as such you will likely have furniture in this area and also things which you want to store. Storage for the patio can be super easy with a plastic crate, or you can choose to create your own seat/storage area by creating a raised brick seat which is hollow for storage, and which has a wooden lid with a varnish coat for modern style. 

All of these simple patio ideas should provide you with a wonderful patio which you can enjoy all summer and into the colder portion of the year. 

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