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Tackling A Huge Garden In Easy Steps

Tackling A Huge Garden In Easy Steps

When you’re lucky enough to have a large expanse in your back garden, it can be an absolute blessing, especially in the summer months. However, staying on top of the care and upkeep can see you spend a lot of money and time to keep it all in ship shape, and this can encourage you to give up on the venture and allow the place to grow wild. Luckily, there are a few generally unheard of top tips that can help you to look after your large garden throughout every month of the year without having to exert mass amounts of energy or having to empty your bank account. So, if your green space is getting a little out of hand and you’d like a few ideas to sort it all out in no time at all, then read on to uncover some of the handiest hacks to make use of today! … Read Full Post
Simple Gardening Tips to Boost Curb Appeal and Speed Up Your Home Sale

Simple Gardening Tips to Boost Curb Appeal and Speed Up Your Home Sale

Talk to any real estate agent, in any market, and they’ll tell you that curb appeal is critical to getting the best offer for your home.  That’s not just anecdotal—there’s data on the importance of curb appeal. According to HomeLight’s Q2 2019 Top Agent Insights report, 94 percent of agents say that curb appeal adds value to the seller’s bottom line.   But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire a landscaping firm to completely redo your tired yard. You can achieve great curb appeal at relatively low cost and with a weekend or so of effort—just follow these simple gardening tips.  Mow and edge your lawn It’s amazing the difference a tidy front yard can make. It’s one of the most basic yard care activities there is, and yet so many people either don’t mow often enough, or don’t pay attention to the details, like edging. … Read Full Post

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