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Why You Don’t Feel Cozy In Your Garden, And What To Do About It

Why You Don’t Feel Cozy In Your Garden, And What To Do About It

It used to be the case that gardens were purely places you wandered around on foot. Then, people saw that they could make the experience better by bringing indoor elements, like tables and chairs, outside.  Pexels – CC0 License In the early days, these weren’t the comfiest. Often manufacturers made sets of cast iron covered in thick paint to ensure that they could withstand the weather.  Even with the invention of waterproof plastics, things were slow to change. It’s only recently that we’ve seen the introduction of weaved vinyl seating and furniture to the garden. Before then, you either had to make do with solid wood or metal.  The following are some of the reasons you don’t feel cozy in your garden and what you can do about it.  You Don’t Have A Canopy Covering Having a roof over your head is important, even when enjoying time outdoors.  The reason is simple: it protects you from the elements.… Read Full Post
3 Sure Fire Ways To Make Your Garden More Sustainable

3 Sure Fire Ways To Make Your Garden More Sustainable

If you are an avid gardener, the chances are that you are also a bit of an eco-warrior. However, it can be challenging to create a bountiful garden full of flora and fauna without some pesticide usage to manage pests or without utilizing plenty of water during long hot summers. If you are keen to make your garden more eco-friendly, you need to look at recycling materials, reusing items, and reducing your wastage. Take a look at these 3 sure fire ways to make your garden more sustainable. Go Organic Organic food has seen a surge in popularity recently, as people are more keen than ever to know what exactly goes into the food and meals. Going organic can be challenging if you are used to using manmade fertilizer to encourage rapid growth for your tomatoes, butternut squash, and brassicas.… Read Full Post

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