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Visiting New Orleans Botanical Garden Full of crawfish po’boys, Abita beers and beignets, our recent trip to New Orleans gave us the opportunity to visit New Orleans Botanic Garden. Just four miles away from the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, this garden is an easy cab or Uber ride. Located in the heart of New Orlean’s City Park, this garden is an absolute treasure. Don’t be deceived by the unassuming entrance; this garden is worth a visit and at least two hours.

Let’s start with New Orleans City Park. Go there! It’s awesome. As their website reads, “The 1,300-acre outdoor oasis has enchanted New Orleanians since 1854, making it one of the nation’s oldest urban parks.” In addition to the botanical garden there is the Besthoff Sculpture Garden, a golf course, carousel, many lakes, trails and biking paths.

As I may have alluded to, the entrance to the New Orleans Botanical Garden was fairly simple and made me think that this visit would be a quick one. As we started to walk around, however, we encountered beautiful garden after garden. The design, flow, and collections were impressive. Even Mike was impressed! (As you might have guessed, this was my idea to visit and he humored me with a morning of gardens.)

Visiting New Orleans Botanical GardenThe map of the gardens cites 22 different gardens and 16 unique sculptures. This photo shows the Lord & Taylor Rose Garden and the piece in the back is the Shriever Fountain. This is a very formal, but quiet garden filled with boxwood hedges and roses. Tall hedges separate this garden from the other spaces and the quiet sound of the water from the fountain makes this feel like its own private space. This was the first formal garden we encountered and it instantly made us know that these gardens were going to be much nicer than we anticipated.

Visiting New Orleans Botanical GardenI can’t even begin to say how much I loved this “Staghorn Fern Walk.” Now this area doesn’t technically have a name, but it is awesome for someone that loves plants! I wish the different staghorns were labeled better because I really appreciated that there were so many different species here. My guess is that someone that works at New Orleans Botanical Garden really loves staghorn ferns because we noticed them in several gardens.

Visiting New Orleans Botanical GardenNot only were these staghorns displayed well, but this was also a nice cool area thanks to the shade of the large southern live oaks. The large oaks here are beautiful and provide a lot of (appreciated!) shady areas.

Visiting New Orleans Botanical Garden

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