Here we go!

Here we go!
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I don’t suppose it seems completely out of place that my very first post on here includes photos of some of my favorite caladiums.  These plants are about as easy as it gets for great color in the summer! If you have ever attended any of my classes or workshops you will find out that I am unapologetically biased toward these beauties.

'Rose Glow' caladium

‘Rose Glow’ caladium

Did you know that Florida is the caladium capital of the world?  Its true.  Over 90% of the world’s caladiums are grown in here, mostly in the Lake Placid and Sebring part of the state.

'Sweetheart' caladium

‘Sweetheart’ caladiums

Raspberry Moon caladium

Raspberry Moon caladium


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  1. What a beautiful post! Your inafomrtion is spot on. To save even more, order Caladium bulbs in lots of 25 or more directly from the growers in FL in early spring. Caladiums can be started indoors in plastic shoe boxes or storage boxes in commercial potting soil. (Leave the lids on the boxes until the leaves begin to form.) After 6-8 weeks they will have a small root system and at least one leaf. They can be moved into pots or beds and grown outdoors after the first week of May in Zone 7B, and will grow non-stop until frost. Each tuber will cost less than $1, a huge savings over the nursery price for plants.


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