Caladium Varieties

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'Blushing Bride' caladium

‘Blushing Bride’

I mentioned earlier how much I love caladiums, well here are just a few varieties to wet your palette.  These are all from Classic Caladiums and were planted as bulbs, well tubers, nevermind that is an different post all together.

Notice that some of these are the larger fancy leaf varieties and others are the smaller lance leaf.  Not sure the difference?  Most lance leaf varieties are smaller in size but have more leaves per bulb.  Most of the sun tolerant caladiums tend to be of the lance leaf school.
The big fancy leaves are the older, more vintage style of caladiums.  They have tremendous variation in color and while the leaves are huge, they are often fewer than the lance leaf and better suited to shady areas.  Can’t decide?  Don’t!  The two are perfect in combination.  Try using the large fancy leaf caladiums in back with the shorter lance leaf in front.  The smaller caladiums do a great job of hiding the taller caladiums as they start to get a little leggy toward the end of the season.

If you look at the caladiums pictured below, ‘Celebration’ and ‘Raspberry Moon’ are both fancy leaf while the ‘Peppermint’ and ‘Highlighter’ would be lance leaf types.  See the difference?

'Celebration' Caladium


Creamsickle caladium


'Starburst' caladium


'Raspberry Moon' caladium

‘Raspberry Moon’

'Lance  Whorton' caladium

‘Lance Whorton’



'Highlighter' caladiums


'Candyland' caladium


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