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How to Look After the Trees in Your Garden

How to Look After the Trees in Your Garden

It’s spring, and you might be thinking about planting a new tree in your garden. That’s an excellent idea, but first, make sure you know what tree you are planting, where to plant it, and how to look after it, especially in the early days when the young tree needs extra attention.  Planting Locations  Sometimes you have trees in your garden already that are well-established; other times, you want to bring in new additions to add color and character to your garden. If you intend to plant a new tree, you need to think about the tree’s location carefully. Allow the roots to grow freely.  The trouble with some trees is they are too close to the house, and the tree roots move into the foundations causing cracks and expensive foundation issues.… Read Full Post

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My name is Keri and I am as comfortable speaking to a group about color in the garden as I am covered in dirt.

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