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Private Garden of Arthur Blank, Home Depot co-Founder

Private Garden of Arthur Blank, Home Depot co-Founder

When you visit the private garden of Arthur Blank, Home Depot co-Founder, high expectations are set. Upon visiting there were the expected flower beds and fountain, but the restraint and design were impressive. A quick scramble around the property left me oohing and ahhing. The three things that stood out to memory included the beautiful trees, the greenhouse and the ponds. The Greenhouse Oh this greenhouse. I want it. Is there any other way of stating this?  The greenhouse was designed and manufactured by Hartley Botanic Ltd.   The quality is unmistakably well done. I truly think I could live in here!  The  stone base gives the structure a very permanent feel from the outside, and inside it creates a workable surface that also feels quite homey.… Read Full Post
Grow Up!  DIY trellis structures. 

Grow Up!  DIY trellis structures. 

Short on space? Trying to block the neighbor’s view?  Adding a trellis may be the solution you need.  From edible vegetables to beautiful flowering vines, trellises can contain plants and keep them growing well in small spaces. Creating Privacy A trellis is a simple way to add a visual barrier for unwanted views. Providing instant privacy, ornamental panels may not even require plants to do their job. I prefer to use premade panels with wide lattice in this situation, blocking views without much effort. You can find more on this project installing privacy panels here.   Existing chain link fences can also work to your advantage. Consider a fast growing vine to weave throughout and keep a green barrier intact. Good plants for this include passionvine, sky vine and confederate jasmine.… Read Full Post

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